Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well this has been such a great week! It is coming on my 7th week sooooo crazy. I leave on November 7th. Thankyou all for the emails. And the halloween and Birthday wishes.
So week was so good I learned more about myself. Last tuesday Sister Grimes got an email saying that her mom had to go to the hospital for brain sugery! They didt know if she would have to get another one during the week. After emails she seemed fine but i had a feeling to ask her how her family is and she started to cry. Poor thing. That is so hard. So on wednesday we fasted, we didnt eat for meals, and fasting helps our prayers be more powerful and helps us constantly remember what we are praying for and helps me remember all the blessings i recieve from God everyday like food. So fasting went well! We started getting along a lot better this week, I got more patient and stopped letting myself get offended. I feel like because i did i listened better and got to know her better and her story and my love for her grew. Mom thank you for your letter you were spot on in your advice, you know we so well. So on Sunday sister Grimes talked to Sister Degn and she called her Dad and all is well. The day we fasted her mom got to go home and didt have to have another surgery!!! What a blessing.
So its funny when I here its getting colder it is getting hotter here. The Ac is out in most of building so we have been hot and humid which is good cause it is getting me ready for Cuiaba!
i read an amazing talk this week, called. The antonement and the journey of Mortality. It is by David Bednar you can find it by going on lds.org. I loved it, it talked about how the atonment just doesnt have a renewing power but an enabling power. because when Jesus died for us and felt our pains, worries, doubts ect.. he knows us and we are never alone. He knows us and how to help us and hot to make us stronger, stronger then we could be on our owns. This talk made my confidence grow!
dad I shocked about the car change! it sounds awesome. What color did you get, I want a picture!
Also what is going on with the weather in the east (I dont know where the question mark button is) I get know outside news haha. Hope the election goes well and happy halloween!!
I love you all. I wrote a hand letter I am going to scan today. have a great week!! Thanks for your prayers.
Sister Hames

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