Tuesday, October 23, 2012

(A little out of order) 10/16/12

 I loved the email. I had no idea that the baby is a girl!!! how exciting. I like both of those names a lot! Keep me posted for sure, well if you cant decide on a name you can always name her after her favorite auntie Danny!!! haha. i am glad you are all safe and sound and the week was eventful! I will email mom picture through missionaryties!
So this week my district is going to speak more portuguese. it is going good, really practice makes perfect or in my case progress haha so i have committed myself to be less shy and talk to more native speakers and also offer more prayers and speak up more in lessons.
so i am going to write a list of the metionables of my week
last week in TRC (which is the lesson we teach that is recorded and some watches us and gives us feedback) i was surprised. Normally we teach other american compaionships so they know the same vocab as us and it is pretty easy to understand them. but when the bell rang we walked in and there was two Brasilin elders! my heart started to pound haha. but it was good we got through the lesson and they were patient with us and we taught it the best we could. i even understand like .5 of it! haha hooorah! it was a good experience it is getting me ready for realily! we taught about the plan of salvation and how we are created by God and because we chose his plan and not satans we came to earth. Our purpose on earth is to live a good life and work hard to be the best we can be so we can return and life with our family and hevenly father again in Heaven. it was a simple message but so important. i even drew pictures which they liked haha. so portuguese is still coming slow but hey who says it has to be a race.
so on sunday night during chior practice 2 new brasilian sisters sat by me. We sand every hour i need thee. we sang in portuguese, spanish and then english. Then during the english part the sisters started asking me how to say things. Or one of them would put her head agaisnt mine while i sang haha. she started to laugh which made me laugh and i started to cry haha. they were so funny. i have a quiet voice so i was trying to sing as loud as i could so they could her me. luckily i got it together for the real performance when we sang it in the firside! during the break she had me go line through line and say each word. when they said it right i would give them high fives and they would cheer. it was so fun! They were good examples to me about being productive in learning a new language and they dont even need to learn english! so funny i am gonna miss them when they leave in 2 weeks.
So last week i was in the classroom and we have a big district of 13 of us. so all the sisters sit agaisnt the wall by the windows. it was getting cold so i leaned back to shut the window. its the kind that you have to unlatch and then push out. so i pulled it in and latched it. then i went to lean fprward to continue my studies and my head whiplashed back haha. i latched my ponytail in the window! haha it took sever seconds to find the latch and unluck my hair. my whole distric started laughing and now bring it up everyday at least once hahaha.
so i am so excited next week i get to pick up my scripture case i ordered! a man sketches pictures into cases. i am getting the picture of christ being baptised on the front and the one of him at the door without the door knob. i am so stoked! i will take a picture!
today at the temple this Brasilian lady stopped me and my companion and asked us where we were serving. we said Cuiaba and she said `ooh muito sol, sol, sol` haha a lot of sun sun sun. she then said oh wow you are so beautiful!! oh bonitas, bonitas, bonitas. haha awww Brasilians are soo nice it made me feel loved.
Tonight i am singing in the all sisters chior, sisters in Zion! I am excited.
I am doing great love you all! Safe travels dad.
com me amor, Sister Hames

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