Wednesday, October 3, 2012

second week 10/02/2012

Oi, Oi, Oi!
    Hola familia! Como vai? I am doing great just finished week 2, its so crazy it feels much longer but at the same time its gone by so fast.
   Mom thanks for doing mission ties I got your letter a couple days ago and I read it 6 times I think. Sorry you are all sick! no I didn't take the sickness with me luckily but I need to be careful a couple of elders in my district are sick and its going around the CTM. I am with those elders 12 hours a day in a classroom so I am keeping away and trying to sleep and drink water more.
   Jentri!! You are in my prayers, and I put you on the prayer roll when I go to the temple.  I am so glad AJ gave you a blessing and I am so glad you are doing better!
   If I could go back in time I would pack warmer things.  I didn't think about Sao Paulo being cold. Last week was so cold! I have been wearing the three little dressy sweaters I brought faithfully, I even wore one to the gym once!  Luckily this week is warmer.  It was like in the 80's today so its good. Soa Paulo weather is like Reno's, pretty bi polar! Sisters have more power then elders here (its awesome) So I can tell them to shut windows or turn down the AC.
   Look up the Brazil National anthem on youtube. We sing it every Sunday at Fireside. It's crazy fast, President Degn is a concert pianist so that is convenient. ( yes he is the grandpa of the Degn's who were in our ward)   It's so fun to sing and watch the Brazilians get into it!  It is a happy song, it is my goal to have it memorized before I come home.
   On Saturday night I was feeling kinda down and frustrated and thinking about my weaknesses more them my strengths. I was reading the scriptures that night and low and behold I read the perfect verse for me at that time. It made me feel so happy, and  I just knew that  was heavenly fathers way of showing me he cares and that I am where I need to be.  So like Joseph Smith getting an answer that he should pray about which church  was true when reading James 1:5 I know Heavenly Father can give me an answer through scripture. I have heard we talk to heavenly father through prayers and talks back through scripture.  I know we can get answers through the Holly Ghost. I am gaining a bigger appreciation for the scriptures.
   The desserts here are always so kind of jello, flan, or marshmallow thing.  The first day I was here  I said " I don't really like Jello" and a sister who has been here a while said "We'' every dessert has a jello king of consistency".  haha I am less tempted to eat dessert1
   Everyone here is in the choir. we go 1.5 hours early to fireside to practice the music. then the fireside begins and we sing to ourselves and the speaker.  Its fun to sing in Portuguese, Bonita!
   The gym has a tiny track, if you run 12 laps it is a mile. I have been making myself run, I look forward to the gym!
   My companion is great, we get along and teaching together works good. we are learning the language at the same speed which is nice so we both  get to talk.  I am learning slowly but surely, but it is coming.  It is weird I have not cracked or cried yet, I think it is because I am not putting any presure on my self. Their has been a couple of elders in my District who have cried and have really hard days. well take !
    I love you Family& Friends!

Love Sister Hames

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