Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Danny and her companions

9/25 Danny's first letter!

Hey family!!!!!!!!!!!
it feels like forever since I have been here i cant believe a week ago i was saying goodbye. I only get like 25 minutes to write so i am sorry! the flights went good i met one elder in slc and the rest in alanta. there is 12 of us in our district and 8 of us are going to cuiaba! they are all so nice i love it here, i really do. it feels so weird to be in Brazil. The flights were good i talked to a guy on the way to salt lake and told him about the church i didnt feel like a missionary yet. we had a great chat now looking back i wish i would of shared more i am like uuggg i even had a pass along card. oh well now i just wont let other chances go by. So i got into alanta at like 4 and my flight was at 9 all of the rest of the missionaries in my district met there. it was me and all the elders for a awhile then another sister joined sister, Grimes who is my companion. she is from yubba city which is near sacramento she is awesome and head strong and confident. then sister Fenns flight from arizona got cancelled twice so she came 2 days late! crazy! i was lucky i didnt even have a delay. so now we are a trio! sister Fenn is 24 and i asked her why she is on a mission she said well she never got married and a mission was her back up plan and now here she is haha. She is awesome she is quiet and i dont think she has a mean bone in her body. i am trying to get to know her better and ask questionsi bet she loves it haha.
so in the mtc or the ctm which it is called here has lots of order. wake up at 6.30 breakfast at 7 study at 7.30 lessons till 12. lunch. classes till 4.45 dinner. more study and either service or gym at 8.30 a snack at 9.30 then room at 10 and sleep at 10.30. It s been good some days i am so tired but i feel like i have already learned soooo much portuguese and about the gospel. we just went and walked around the city its nice on P days we can walk around the city and i bought some make up. If you get my letter we sent on the first day its says not to send packages but if you have already i bet it okay i just think any packages sent now or later might not get here i heard there is a mail strike.
so i feel like there is so much to say and my brain is blanking. so at meal time we get 2 types of meat every meal. either breaded chicken, pork, beef, we even got hot dogs cut in half with melted cheese in them ha. the food is really good, the first couple days my stomach freaked out but know it is use to it. i feel i just eat and sit all day ill have to run on gym days, i work out 3 days a week. there is a little track and volleyball, basketball and a gym room. its nice the ctm has a big courtyard in the middle so i dont feel trapped it is so beautiful here.
the people are sooo nice here, like really. especially the brazialin sisters. my instructor just got back from her mission and is learning english and then my other teacher who teaches grammar is brazilain as well. they are great and patient.
today we got to go to the temple. its a hour drive we loaded up on the bus. it is so beautiful!!!! it was so neat after the session a sister grabbed us and took us 3 sisters to other rooms in the temple like bride rood and the childrens room. i felt so special. the elders dont get tours like that. it was great it was exactly what i needed. the stain glass in the temple is amazing.
so studying the language is fun and it is coming but very slowly! but i have to remind myself that it has just been a week. so funny yesterday we were practicing basic sentences and the teacher asked do like merangos wich is strawberries and an elder said yes i like merranos which i guess means dark men haha. so that was so funny i am excited for more times like that. church was great on sunday we got to nap and watch the joseph smith movie and had a good church meeting. for church everyone has to write a talk then they randomly pick how speaks so ive have to write a talk this week but luckily i can speak in english!
my time is up. email me but write me too i guess there is mr cheneys across the street where you can email them and they will print it out and give it to be so i can read it and will have time to read it. i will write you about when i know more, i guess you have to sign up or something i dont know.
love you all! you are all in my prayers.
mom please email this to the rest of family!
love your favorite sister Hames
give wade a berry a hug for me.
i miss you all

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My addresses for the next 18 months

Hey! My addresses for the nest 18 months will be:
Mission training center (I think ill be there for 6-9 weeks)
Sister Danielle Marie Hames Brazil Cuiaba' Mission
Brazil Missionary Training Center
Rua Padre Antonio D Angelo, 121
Casa Verde
02516-040 Sao Paulo- SP

Mission field
Sister Danielle Marie Hames 
Brazil Cuiaba' Mission
Av. Hist. Rubens de Mendonca, 1731
Sala 10, Bairro: Consil
CEP: 78050-975 Cuiaba' - MT


I am pretty sure anyone can email me but I may be only able to respond to my family via email and I have a limited time to read and respond to emails once a week.

If you go to dearelder.com you can select a mission, either the Brazil MTC or when I am in the field (Cuiaba' Brazil) and type a letter and the office will print it out and deliver it to me. I believe that there is a charge which is the amount of postage. I wish my mission was one of the free ones!

Thanks for all of the support, I would love to hear from you!

My mission call!

On April 4th I received my mission call for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I opened up my call and to my surprise I have been called to serve in the Cuiaba' Brazil mission where I will learn Portuguese. I leave September 18th and fly to the Brazil MTC to start my 18 month adventure. I am so excited and know it is where I need to be at this time in my life. I am thankful for all my dear friends and family who have supported me so much. My mom will post my weekly emails on this blog. :)

Opening my call!