Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Oct 23, 2012

Hey family!
So this sunday we moved an hour forward cause it is spring here, so now there is a 6 hour difference! Hope you are all doing well thanks for the emails. So last week on oct. 12th it was childrens day, like mothers day and fathers day they celebrate childreans day. The cooks and servers all dressed up, one lasy dressed like a clown! They decoracted the cafateria with balloons and table cloths it was awesome. we all got boxes of candy and cupcakes. so nice!! On sunday we district sang Abide with me till even tide, it was so fun and the 4 sisters we all sang with out the piano for one part. it was so fun. i love that song. We got new roomies! One from argentina and one from Brasil. Sis Reynose and Sis Corriera. They are awesome. it is super fun and I laugh a lot every time i go to say something they saiy Que? haha thy are patient with me and so sweet. So on sunday i cried for the first time, I got a lil homesick but i am happy here. i am praying for my patience with my companion. My friend for USU sis Wilson left today for Manuas. I am going to miss her! I will send pictures soon. On sunday we had a talk by a sister and we learned about the power of a smile. It was so good, i learned that smiles are unviversial. No mater what the language is you can help someone with a smile. my goal is to smile more this week! Will you join me? Did Grandma get your hip replacement? How is she? thanks for the goodies mom! I love you all, Love your favorite missionary, Sister Hames

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